Meaning and Purpose for All

In 2019, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that 19.3 percent of persons with a disability were employed.  In contrast, the employment-population ratio for persons without a disability was 66.3 percent.

Building Essential Skills Together, Inc makes a difference through bringing meaningful employment, training, and service opportunities to adults of all abilities.

Our Programs

Building Essential Skills Together offers three programs:

Our Building Essential Skills program is a low cost training program led by trained therapists to help adults of all abilities learn life skills as well as prevocational skills needed in the workplace. 

Our Work Together program is a supported employment program that offers part-time employment opportunities supported as needed by a job coach. Building Essential Skills Together has its own food truck as well as a business to business cleaning and maintenance program, More than Mops. Help us help our community employ adults of all abilities!

Our Serve Together program is a community volunteer program for any person who would like to support our mission to bring meaning and purpose to all through training and employment experiences.

Donate and Change a Life and Family Today

SERVE Together —Change a life and a family today through donating to Building Essential Skills Together, Inc. today!  Together we will raise funds to support employment, training, and job coach opportunities to impact a community of adults of all abilities.

“It is our goal to provide opportunities tailored to each team member’s interests and abilities in order to provide purposeful and meaningful employment experience.”

Lindsay Knez, President