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About BEST

Learn more about our mission, values, and our team members!

About Building Essential Skills Together

Our Mission

Building Essential Skills Together (BEST) is on mission to bring meaning, purpose, and independence to all. The path to finding meaning, purpose, and independence begins early focusing on essential skills that will be needed later in life to thrive at school, work, home,and in the community. At BEST, we provide meaningful learning experiences to youth focused on prevocational skills as well as supported employment opportunities to teens and adults of all abilities.

Communication, social, receptive language, problem solving, time management, organizational, and self-advocacy skills among other essential skills are developed within each BEST journey.

These skills are shaped through natural environment teaching by certified therapists for youth and through supported employment opportunities in the community for teens and adults. BEST has its own food truck, and also partners with many community businesses, both large and small. We tailor the experiences at BEST around our team members’ interests and strengths.

We appreciate our community partners and the gracious donations that help youth and adults of all abilities find their BEST future!

Our Values


Choose Building Essential Skills Together for its inclusive mission, providing opportunities for individuals of all abilities.

Diverse Programs

Select us for a variety of programs catering to personal and professional growth, including training, supported employment, and volunteering.

Community Impact

Support us to make a positive impact on individuals and communities, promoting inclusivity and purposeful lives.

Current BEST Team

Rowan Carter

Isaac Battershell

Dalton Bright

Jameson McClellan

BEST Community

Team members who have transitioned to independent employment, but will always be a part of the BEST team!

Lux Pierce

Josh Nikirk

Ben Gregory

Kashton Pierce

Our Board of Directors

Lindsay Knez


Frank Knez


Tim Gates


Allie Krumb


Kim Chapman


Advisory Board

Shane Wilson

Keeley Hendricks

Isaac Battershell

Our Manager

Keeley Hendricks

BEST Manager